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Good schools are often the backbone of strong communities. The families in our district deserve a well resourced public school system that offers diverse learning experiences and extracurricular opportunities. Additionally, many youth in our community are harmed from food insecurity and lack of jobs. Our education system should provide healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all students. Furthermore, our schools need the administrative and infrastructure resources to provide students the support necessary to be healthy, safe, and pursue their goals. We will achieve this together with:

  • Universal day care programs to support working families and ensure long-term student success by providing a proper foundation prior to their transition to K-8th grade education.

  • Student nutrition and resource programs to provide school dinner meals, mental health support, and tutoring support; in addition to other social and emotional student needs for academic success. 

  • Support for extracurricular and career/technical education programs in order to create opportunities for positive participation in academic, artistic, and athletic activities as well as demand driven workforce training programs to promote post-secondary access for students. 

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