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A good job means more than just money. It means the ability to make a choice. The choice to buy groceries and take your family to a movie. The choice to pay your bills and have a nice date. The choice to take time off of work to pursue a better career. For choices like these to be made by people in the district, we will need job development that allows people to work and thrive in their own community. That is why our jobs plan looks at climate change, education, and infrastructure improvement as a source of not just good jobs, but an investment in communities’ well being. We will achieve this together by: 

  • Coordinating with business solution professionals to research labor market issues for employers, then develop programs with local stakeholders to support employer talent pipeline issues and hire residents within the district.

  • Investing in hotels, restaurants, vertical housing, and current event space to promote tourism within the district through amateur competitions, conventions, and performances. 

  • Investing in vertical farming, and greater diversity in agricultural commodities can create a modern food system that feeds our communities, and brings jobs to our communities. 

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