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Our perspective on public safety in this country needs to change if we truly want to create safe and thriving neighborhoods in the district. Restorative justice, mental health, and workforce development are the focus of our public safety initiatives. By focusing on true rehabilitation, and not just punitive measures, we can create a penal system that builds better people. We will achieve this together with: 

  • Federal support for mental health facilities within the district with housing and diverse therapy options. Create spaces for both long term, short term, and daily care within the communities that focuses on serving homeless and returning citizens. 

  • Development of community restorative justice programs to support violence reduction between neighborhoods. Support efforts of local stakeholders to expand Restorative Justice criminal courts with binding legal decisions to promote alternative sentencing programs that lead to trauma, educational, and other related support services.

  • Increased federal support for community organizers to develop programs that support constituents such as food drives, clothing drives, and financial literacy support. 


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